Huge changes!

A lot has changed since the last message posted on the website. Several teams of ENT doctors have visited the KCMC to further train the ENT surgeons in Moshi. A whole group of young, new doctors has started the ENT residency. Two of them will finish their training in November next year and will then… >

Second theatre installed

Thanks to the many donations from various hospitals and the effort of a number of volunteers Foundation AfriKNO has been able to install the second theatre. This theatre was formerly used by the ophthalmology department and was left empty and unused since their departure to their own larger theatre complex. The theatre was completely set… >

Finnish ENT resident visits KCMC

Recently Sanna Sintonen, an ENT resident from Finland, visited KCMC. Below you can read a short report of her experiences at KCMC. When I heard about working opportunities in Tanzania, I didn´t hesitate but I signed up as a volunteer right away. I though it was a great opportunity to get to know the country… >


Currently Dr. Arne Eike, an ENT surgeon / audiologist from Denmark, is visiting the KCMC in Moshi. Hearing loss is very common in Tanzania and for the diagnosis of hearing loss a reliable measurement of hearing (audiometry) is crucial. Until now, the ENT Department of the KCMC was insufficiently equipped for this purpose. Dr. Arne… >

New instruments

Thanks to our generous sponsors AfriKNO has recently been able to provide the ENT department of the KCMC with essential new instruments. With these instruments ear surgery can be done and hearing can be improved in many patients.

New site

Thanks to the unlimited and unpaid support of Nanda Coppens ( and Bram Birkhoff ( we are proud to present to you our new website. Check out here to find out how you can help us.