Finse KNO-arts in opleiding bezoekt KCMC

Onlangs bezocht Sanna Sintonen, een KNO-arts in opleiding, het KCMC. Hieronder leest u een kort verslag van haar ervaringen.

When I heard about working opportunities in Tanzania, I didn´t hesitate but I signed up as a volunteer right away. I though it was a great opportunity to get to know the country inside-out and to do some meaningful work. When I left Finland it was snowing and extremely cold winter time. At the same time in Tansania the weather was hot, humid and the sun was shining every day. My body and mind got used to the climate quite soon!

My accommodation was at the doctors compound, which was situated about 10 minutes walk away from the hospital. The accommodation was reasonable and not expensive. We even had our own, kind housemaid who cooked and washed our clothes for a little extra. From the house one could see to mountain Kilimanjaro. All doctors had their own room. Sometimes students had to share a room.

Work days were from 8 am to 3-4 pm. I mainly taught the medical students (from 4th year upwards) and ENT residents how to examine patients. Sometimes we had a day in the operating theatre where we went through basic ENT procedures. Hospital staff were really nice and open-minded people. ENT residents had really good knowledge about their literature.

During my stay I learned that there are many ways to do things in health care. Even with little money one can do a lot. My experiences where all good. Tanzanian people are warm and sweet.

My experience was rewarding. It was something unlike anywhere I´ve ever been. Somehow it’s also really hard to explain, but I really liked the experience.

After the work period I recommend getting to know other parts of the country too. Safari in Serengeti,Tarangire and Norongoro are amazing. Zanzibar and Stone Town are also worth visiting.