Accomodations for visiting staff

Staying in one of the houses on the doctor’s compound is fine and a great African experience. The doctor’s compound is located near the hospital. All houses on the compound have basic furniture, a cement floor, and several bedrooms. Each bedroom has one or two beds, each equipped with mosquito netting. The houses have spacious living rooms, a kitchen with electric cooker and fridge, a bathroom, and hot water. The houses are clean and a housekeeper is available for a small charge. Sheets and towels are provided. As long as it is light, the 10-minute walk from the compound to the hospital is safe, although the road is muddy at some times of the year. In the dark there have been some incidents, even with Tanzanians. There are several budget, midrange en top end hotels in Moshi if you prefer to stay in a hotel.

Mrs. Aneth Nkya is head of the International Affairs Office ( of the KCMC. She coordinates all foreigner visits and manages the accommodation at the doctor’s compound. Her office is located diagonally/opposite to the entrance of the emergency room in the same row of houses as the hospital cafeteria (KCMC Canteen). She can also arrange transportation to and from the airport. They will charge about EURO 45.= ($60).