ENT & KCMC Staff

Over the past several years, the ENT department at KCMC consisted of three ENT specialists: Dr. Godfrey Mremi (head of the department), Dr Barbara Pieper (German ENT surgeon) and Dr. Alois Msaki (an experienced ENT resident who did not completely finish his training). Dr. Msaki is very skillful and dedicated but due to a lack of training he has restricted his surgical work to a limited variety of procedures. No interns rotated through the ENT Department and, for many years, there were no ENT doctors in training (residents). In 2010, Dr. Mremi retired and Dr. Pieper returned to Germany. At the moment Dr. Msaki is Interim Head of the department, but officially he is not qualified to run the ENT department and in particular to supervise residency training.

As of April 2010, Moshi Ntabaye, has been appointed as CEO of KCMC. The CEO is always appointed for a term of five years. He is a very enthusiastic and helpful man, who has expressed his hope that our future visits will be more frequent and longer. Dr. Ntabaye is very concerned about the fate of the ENT department, once considered a top department within KCMC. The residents are officially employees of the KCMC and that binds them to the KCMC so that at the end of their training they can not just leave. This is important for the success of the cooperation, because the current residents will in due course form the future senior staff and should be able to train the next generation of residents. At least that is the common goal. Dr. Ntabaye finds it important to combine undergraduate and postgraduate education as much as possible to promote the flow of students to the ENT department and to pay attention to doing research. For over 20 years the ENT department has not produced any type of scientific publication.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Mteta is the KCMC Dean of Faculty and oversees the ENT department. He is closely involved in all training and has the ENT residents now working at KCMC.

Both Dr. Ntabaye as Prof. Mteta have indicated they would like to stay informed about the development and are happy to receive any emails concerning the support of the Otolaryngology Department by the different partners. The current Director of Hospital Services is Prof. Dr. M. Raimos Olomi. He is also head of pediatrics.

Mrs. Aneth Nkya is head of the International Affairs Office of the KCMC. She actually coordinates all foreigner visits and manages the accommodation at the doctor’s compound. Her office is located diagonally/opposite to the entrance of the emergency room in the same row of houses as the hospital cafeteria (KCMC Canteen).